Monday, August 18, 2008

Adenium Bonsai Seedlings : How to organize the roots from PVC pipe

Hi Adenium-Bonsai Lovers;

Today I would like to share another technique about the root organization. This is good to do with brown root or older seedlings. Most of young seedling root is white. The seedling cut the primary root and grown in media mixed from Coconut Powder, Rice Husks and Sand will give root become brown faster. Brown root is stronger than white root which make this is easier for us to organize than doing with white root. Unfortunately, brown root is hard and always spring back to original not in our organized position.

From this reason, we solved this problem by using PVC techniques. Here are the steps:
1. Cut the 1-inch diameter PVC pipe with 1.5 cm height.

2. Prepare the plastic bag and put the media inside it about ¾ heights.

3. Make the media float in the center and slope like “Mountain”

4. Put the PVC cover on this mountain area

5. Plant the stick in the center of PVC pipe and make it higher than plastic bag’s border

6. Put down the seedling in the center of pipe and lean with the stick. Use the rope tie her up with stick.

7. Now it’s time for organizing the roots as your imagination. Next, make the roots spread around her caudex and lean her across with the pipe. The end of roots should be made with slope and point down to media.

8. Now it’s time for Toothpick’s Power.. ha ha ha.. Use the toothpicks to settle roots down as your decided positions. It will be great to make roots spread out of caudex in circular shape.

9. Covering the roots up with same media again. Push the media around plastic border and make sure it‘s tight enough and watering. That’s all.

These two techniques will be the guide to apply with the root organization to make normal Adenium to Bonsai seedlings. I believe you will get the nice root base and raise the quality of Adenium form up. I recommend to use these techniques with Adenium: Thai Socotranum or Arabicum: Lop Bu Ri.
The another technique is not related with root organization like these, is nature thing. You have gotta know which hybrid can perform nice root base and which one can give nice multi-branch or bush form. Then you cross them together and grow their seedlings. This would take time, but it’s worth to wait. That’s why I really have fun with Adenium’s growing.

More idea, please watch the VDO from youtube :
"VDO : Adenium-Bonsai Collections from Contest'08"

"VDO Clip of Adenium ContestAyutthaya, Thailand on Apr 2008Focusing on Bonsai Class"