Thursday, June 12, 2008

How to Organize the roots to make Bonsai Seedlings (Part I)

Hi Adenium-Bonsai Lovers;

Last time, I talked about how to create more roots. This time I would like to continue talking about the next step. There are 2 ways I use for organizing the roots. Mostly roots are white because they are from baby seedlings. 1. Orgainizing the root on the rounded clay2. Organizing the root in the PVC pipe
Mr. Piya (Arabicum: Lop Bu Ri's hybrid owner) and I,
with my "Golden Crown", 3 times of 1st winning award
This is new technique for seedling' cuttings (primary roots) and have more secondary root come out. These cuttings should be grown at least 2-3 months. After that pulling them out from media and see how many roots you've got. If this's not enough, you cut the rootsagain. For me, 6-7 roots are fine. The selected seedlings will also be separated in 2 groups.

1. Secondary roots are not enough as you want. You can take them to cut the roots again. (Following with the last steps again)

2. Enough roots as you wish, then start the next step with root's organization.

Now I will start talking how to organize the roots. White secondary root is very sensitive whicheasy to break or tear. You must be careful and pay much more attention otherwise roots might be ripped and then they will get rotten. We must open root wide with 45 degree around the caudex. We always face the problem with ripped root when we start doing this. Here is the tips...

Normally when we remove the seedlings from media, seedlings will be wrinkle because they are too young. We need to dip them in the water first but their roots still binding. If you swipe their roots, they might be ripped as well. The technique is to organize or swipe their root in the water. Here below are steps:

1. Make the clay with half-round and use the toothpick line around it equal to the amount of roots as your imagine what root model you like them to be with equal angles. (Fig no.1)

2. Put that rounded clay in the water with half of it. Put the seedling on the top of it and use the cord to tie up this seedling caudex with toothpick. (Fig no.2)

3. Use the toothpick to make lines on top of rounded clay through half of it and order the roots following with the lines you make before. (Fig no.3)

4. After that, lift this up from the water, put it in the pot and cover all again with the loose media. Make sure seedling is straight up with tootpick, not bend. That's all.

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