Thursday, March 27, 2008

How to make Adenium-Bonsai from seedlings? Part II

From last article, I have already introduced you about Arabicum Bonsai. This time I would like to start discussing about “How to make Arabicum Bonsai from seeds”. Here below are steps:
Our Best Thai Socotranum-Bonsai form with great multi-branch
form and perfect root base.

1. Seed Sowing: The Bonsai basic that you need to know is how to create the branch and root. These are 2 main things that you should focus in.

For Branch, you need to know what kind of Arabicum seed hybrids that can perform the Bonsai characters. From my experiences, I like to select hybrid come from Ra Chi Nee Pan Dok (RCN), mixed RCN hybrid, or RCN mixed with Thai Socotranum (especially with Thai Socotranum: Golden Crown or GC. Golden Crown is the most popular of Thai Socotranum with the best branch styles and nice root base.

Why so I use RCN as hybrid leader to make Bonsai? The reason is that RCN can give tiny & multi-branches and more branch internodes or joints. RCN itself cannot give root base well as Bonsai trend so this root base must come from root creation yourself following with Bonsai Methodology. This is why I focus on RCN as hybrid lead and seed harvested from Mother Plant can give more multi-branches than F1, F2, and F3… etc.

For root, you need to create or make yourself based on Bonsai knowledge. You will see how to create root below. From my experiences, not all of seedlings can give grade “A” seedlings. You can get Grade A seedling depending on amount of your growing seedlings. When you harvest seeds, you should put them in the shade and make sure they are dry, not get any moisture.
Seed sowing following with Bonsai style is different from normal seed growing. We need to select the baby seedlings have perfect and healthy forms to do this. For media, I used Sand, Coconut powder and rice husk powder mixed together in order to easier pull baby seedlings up from this media to do the root creation for next step.

2. Root Creation: This is the next step after selecting baby seedling come from seed hybrids can perform multi-branches style. Naturally, taproot (middle main root) will start coming out from seedlings first and go down to the media which help stem get straight up to retrieve the sun light. After that seedlings will create the branch roots periodically also help stem hold with media when getting larger and better absorbs water and food from media.
For Bonsai, this is totally different. The great thing for Bonsai making is focused on how to change from single main root to become with branch roots instead. You have to make at least 7-8 branch roots around the caudex in horizontal level mostly start working with seedlings come up with 2-3 young leaves.

New trend 2008 of Arabicum-Thai Socotranum, we like to focus
more on multi-branches, not muscular form, with many
shorten branch internodes, tiny branches, short caudex and
spread root base.


Fenridal said...

See please here

julio miranda said...

I would like to know if it is possible to buy coconut powder and rice husk powder from you/ thank you.

Donni said...

Letting you know the video does not play on this post... if you could change the music - maybe something Thai as an idea? Then it could be back on u-tube. I would love to see it!

I really like all your posts and thankyou for sharing. I love adeniums and my seedlings are ready for my input so I am reading every word with care! You are a great teacher, so many ideas to try... and you make it interesting and in some places funny too .... :))

The videos of your mother plants are amazing!!!! I admire your art with these beautiful plants :)

Donni said...

I am wondering why you cut the tap root horizontally? What happens if you cut it at an angle?

Todo pasa por una razon said...

Que hermoso, me encanta ver como va creciendo poco a poco un bonsai gigante.


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